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2U partners with the world’s leading universities to transform the lives of thousands of students across the globe through online education. As part of 2U, GetSmarter offers premium short courses with a data-driven focus on skills gain. GetSmarter provides professionals with a better learning experience and equips them to thrive in the future of work.

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Inspiration and creativity are the source of all brilliant ideas. Knowledge and know-how only its basis. But sometimes knowledge gets in the way and gives us blinders.

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One head knows a lot, two heads more than twice as much! The reiter [group] as an inexhaustible pool of knowledge. We sense and find knowledge, research, develop and generate competencies.

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BioLaw Group, represented through its principal and founder, Giuseppe Giorgio REITER. like other law firms, provides top-notch, sophisticated legal and strategic advice to its clients.

But the similarities end there.

BioLaw Group, devotes its practice to the intersection of reproductive medicine, genetics, and law.  Because genetic technologies frequently outpace legal precedence, you can be sure that your legal questions will be carefully researched and answered. Your legal position will be defensible, and the ethical aspects of your choices fully examined, so that you can proceed confidently.

Good ethics is good policy, whether making decisions about creating your family, storing gametes or embryos, structuring a research protocol, or creating DNA repositories.  BioLaw Group will be there to inform you and support your decisions.

BioLaw Group’s Demonstrated Uniqueness

Reiter provides you with the breadth of her legal experience, specialized knowledge, depth of her understanding of bioethics, and her commitment to listening to and understanding your needs.  The result is practical solutions that you will feel good about.  One benefit of working with Jaeger is her respect for relationships; between physicians and patients, intended parents and donors, researchers and participants.  Navigating through these vulnerable relationships, Jaeger builds trust with her clients through education, resolution, and action.

Impfung für Kleinkinder

Florian Schilling 21. Juni – 1 Min. Lesezeit In den USA wird die Corona-Impfung für Kleinkinder zugelassen. Die Zulassungsstudie, auf der dies basiert, offenbart aber ein Desaster was die Wirkung …

GMOA History of GM in Crops

National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard

AGENTUR Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA Übersetzung und Kommentierung: Giuseppe Giorgio Reiter, BioLaw (US-Departement). AKTION Letzte Novelle. ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Diese Regel legt den neuen nationalen obligatorischen Offenlegungsstandard für biotechnologisch hergestellte (BE) Lebensmittel …

Verfassungsbeschwerde: CORONA

Professor Dr. iur. Dietrich Murswiek An das Bundesverfassungsgericht Schloßbezirk 3 76131 Karlsruhe vorab per Fax an: 0721 9101-382 dmurswiek@gmail.com 22.4.2021 Verfassungsbeschwerde Beschwerdeführer/innen: 1. Carlos A. Gebauer, Düsseldorf 2. M. 3. …

Corona unmasked

Neue Zahlen, Daten, Hintergründe 160 Seiten Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2021 Sucharit Bhakdi, Karina Reiss Beschreibung Nach wie vor dominiert ein Thema unser Leben: Corona. In diesem Buch wird Rückschau gehalten und neue Themen …