At BioLaw Think Tank we work as legal consultants, managing legal affairs for our clients in a way that is very different from traditional law firms.

We are specialist commercial legal advisers, and we do things in a way that suits the needs of modern BioTech-businesses, not in a way that lawyers have been doing for a very long time. We constantly challenge our working practices to ensure that we strive to improve and develop the way we provide our advice and assistance to clients.

BioLaw Think Tank has been created to help small and medium sized businesses by providing a high quality, on-demand legal advice service very efficiently and at reasonable rates.

Our service standards are based upon what your very special business expects. No unnecessary delays, excellent advice from experienced lawyers that clients can understand and a commercial approach to charges not followed by traditional law firms.

We believe that our clients should get the best service available and that is what we aim to provide. Our service is responsive and flexible and ensures that our clients are confident that they have the legal support they need when they need it.

Whether a client needs a clear explanation of complicated contract terms, general commercial legal advice, negotiating a commercial agreement, advising during a corporate transaction or auditing existing contracts and policies, we can help.

Our very efficient business structure and methods of work mean that, by acting as legal consultants and keeping our costs low, utilising the technology available and being socially responsible, we can pass on significant cost savings to our clients.